The Forbidden Donuts - Hand and Finger Grip Strength Training Exercise Donuts (Multi-Color) Set of 3

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💪 TOP ATHLETES NEED GRIP STRENGTH: These are great for rock climbers, obstacle course athletes and athletes on the move!  All upper body strength relies on grip strength, build a solid foundation with Porta-Hang training donuts. 

✊ NATURAL AND ORGANIC FEEL: Our special skin safe rubber compound builds more grip endurance and more natural power than spring or mechanical devices. 

👍 MULTIFUNTIONAL: Donut strengthener trainers are ultra versatile and ultra portable.  Each donut represents 1) Warm-up, 2) Strength Building and 3) Max Grip.  

🚗 ULTRA PORTABLE. These are 3-1/2" in diameter and fit in your gym bag, purse, travel bag or pants.  Build strength at your desk, in the car or on a zoom meeting!

😌 RECOVERY and THERAPY: Use as a climbing and fitness warm-up to prevent injury, to stay warm between sets, or as a cool down after a long day.   

Developed specifically for climbers, adventure athletes, obstacle course racing, gymnast and athletes who rely on grip strength.  The natural rubber compounds build better and longer lasting endurance than spring or mechanical devices.  The natural feel also builds strength similar to hand grip strength for climbing walls, obstacles, and gym pull-up bars.  Donut strengthener trainers are ultra versatile and ultra portable. The donuts measure 3-1/2" in diameter and will fit in any gym bag, backpack, purse or pocket.   Each donut is selected for a different phase of fitness: 1) Warm-up 30 lbs of grip force, 2) Strength Building 50 lbs of grip force and 3) Max Grip 70 lbs of grip force.   Use the donuts in conjunction with other PORTA-HANG fitness equipment for a full upper body workout.  

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James H.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Great ergonomic grippers!

These hand strengtheners are great across the range of resistance, and feel really well made.

Logan C.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Best grip strengthener Ive had!

Great to use literally any where. I use it in class and at work. If you have used other grip strengtheners before, you probably don't need to start with any resistance less than the 30lb. But if you want to buy the set that includes all 5, the two easier ones are good ones to give to your friend who is weak and you want to climb with you... Gotta start somewhere I suppose!

Philippines Philippines

Great with strength training, warmup and recovery

Cool Product! It's made to help with strength training and warmup! They're great with recovery too! I use them wherever and whenever!

Jake A.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Nice warm-up, use them when in Zoom meetings

These are well designed and just the right for 3 intensity levels. Green for easy warm-ups and recovering from injury; red for getting a good burn and black for real try hard grips. I just got in the habit of squeezing during zoom calls and now I'm using them constantly. So Ill has these on REI for like $22. Would buy again.