Porta-Hang keeps you strong wherever you are

Like many people, I traveled too much to get to the gym as often as I wanted. While on the road for work it was difficult to find a local climbing gym to visit, or even a well-equipped hotel fitness center for basic training. I began eyeing hotels creatively and options started appearing, like how the stairs had exposed beams that acted like ledges. Then I looked at the door frames. Most hotel rooms have one or two sturdy metal door frames. Hanging on the ledge was not an option for my skill level, but if I could attach something, then I could put holds on that device to train. Importantly, it needed to be temporary, non-damaging, and portable. After months of designing and trialing, Porta-Hang was born.

The lightweight design makes Porta-Hang ideal to pack in a suitcase for travel or take to the office to work out during lunch. It is also beloved by apartment dwellers, as it does not need to be mounted to a wall.

Porta-Hang plans to continue to expand in the future. New holds, sizes, training programs, and media will improve an already amazing system. Buy today and stay tuned for what’s next!