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Will my door frame work with Porta-Hang?

  • See our Fit Guide and How To Use pages for our recommendations and guidelines on pairing our hangers with a door way.

Won’t this break my door trim/frame?

  • Always inspect any doorway before using the Porta-Hang system. Not all frames or trim are installed equally and user-discretion is advised.

Why does the frame squeak and creak when I weight the hangers?

  • This is a normal experience on any frames. As you weight the door hangers the plastic expands and adjusts to distribute your weight across the hanger. This helps to equalize the weight on the door trim at the front and back of the hanger.

I received my Porta-Hang set but I'm missing the T-nut.

  • Contact our Customer Service team at and we'll get a hardware kit out to you right away.

Do your door hangers come with bolts if I don't buy holds too?

  • Yes! All door hanger sets come with a hardware kit, including bolts and an allen wrench.


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I would like to cancel my order

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 I ordered the wrong item, and I would like to exchange.

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Do you ship to Canada?


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