Chris Wilson, Porta-Hang trainer and outdoor guide.  IG: @outsidepizzas
Hailey Caissie Coach and program manager at The Crag Nashville IG: @haileycaissie
Porta-Hang, the portable hang board. Bring the gym with you. Design features of the PH 2.0.

The Porta-Hang

Chris Wilson


PH 2.0


Porta-Hang Chalk!!

Check this out, we have our own chalk. Tried and true by our climbers, this will do wonders for your gym session and with Porta-Hang at home.

Crafted Energy Climber Bars

We are kicking off a partnership with Crafted Energy who makes the Climber Bar. Through March, every Porta-Hang will include a free bar with their order. Check them out and their work with climber specific nutrition at Crafted Energy

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