The Porta-Hang System

Porta-Hang is the only mount anywhere, portable climber and obstacle course athlete training system. Door hangers can mount in your apartment without drilling any holes, or take on the road to train when you travel. Get yours today!


At the point of first hanging, I was admittedly skeptical. These do not wrap fully around the door frame as the smaller models appear to do, however, after my first few hold sessions, they do hold (yay!). For reference -- I'm about 170 lbs; my boyfriend also tried them (closer to 185 lbs) and they seemed to hold well on the frame. So far looking and feeling good! Love that they are lightweight, that I'm not drilling holes into walls, and can remove when needed.

Tara McLauchlan



This is the coolest invention ever for climbers.


This is a SICK product & better than those dumb pull-up bar door things.


I received my kit yesterday. I love it. Great job. Thanks for the quick turnaround shipping it.


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