The Next Great Porta-Hang Trainer is...

The Next Great Porta-Hang Trainer is...

At Porta-Hang, innovation is the name of the game. We’re constantly brainstorming on new ways to make more training options possible in more environments.

Earlier this season, after a winter of generating new ideas, we asked our community to help us decide between our favorite two concepts for the next great training tool in the Porta-Hang line-up - The Porta-Board and the Potra-Pockets.

Well… the votes are in. And we are very excited to announce that the Porta-Board will make its debut later this year! 

This low-profile hangboard will mount to your Porta-Hang door hangers like any other hold, but will mount to both hangers, making the entire system one unit. Now you can have the classic feel of hangboard training at home without the installation woes.


Porta-Board prototype   Porta-Board prototype rear angle view   Porta-Board prototype front view


Imagine moving into a new apartment, or into res for another semester away, knowing you can’t install a hangboard? Have no fear! The Porta-Board will be here soon!

Do you spend a lot of time in Air BnB’s? There’s a Porta-Board coming soon for that!

Can you tell we’re excited?

Watch for our launch date later this summer to snag your new favorite hangboard!

Do you have a cool training product, hold style or idea you’d like to see join our catalogue? Drop us a line at  

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