Product Spotlight “Hugs” Wooden Blocks

Product Spotlight “Hugs” Wooden Blocks

We can all use a good hug, it’s a fact.

But what about... two hugs?

Well that sounds like some kind of magic to us! Almost like... a portable solution for when you can’t make it to the campus board and don’t have a space for a big hangboard, you could say.

Porta-Hangs “Hugs” Wooden blocks are a training system developed for our hangar sets that are as diverse as our climbing community is.

Like many of Porta-Hangs training tools, these beechwood multi-pocket blocks offer an array of options to suit any level of training. From first time beginners to seasoned pros, our Hugs have you covered. 

“Hugs” features:

- mono pocket (18mm deep)

- 2-finger pocket (18mm deep)

- 3-finger slot (15mm deep)

- 38mm “ledge” on all 4 sides

- made from beechwood

- Overall dimensions: 100mm x 100mm x 38mm

- Rotatable design always for pinches,  angled/side pulls and finger stacking 

Just a few ways to use your Hugs include:

2-Finger pocket

Porta-Hang Hugs Wooden Blocks - 2-Finger pocket method

3-finger side-pull

Porta-Hang Hugs Wooden Blocks - 3-finger pinch method

Block pinch

Porta-Hang Hugs Wooden Blocks - Block pinch training method

Give those fingers a Hug. Keep them fresh, warm and strong. Your climbing season will thank you for it.

 Looking for more ways to train with Porta-Hang? Check out our training videos here for more inspiration.

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