Location Spotlight - Tennessee

Location Spotlight - Tennessee

The world is filled with unbelievable climbing locations. There are the ones you’ve heard about, from Rocklands, to Font. The Red, to Squamish. The Blue Mountains to Indian Creek. And then there are all the ones that you haven’t heard about yet!

We at Porta-Hang are avid seekers of new areas, new rock and new adventures. There are so many areas to discover world-wide, and we want to explore them all! And we bet you do too.

So let's get those daydreams flowing, and those trip planners out, cause it's time to talk climbing locations!

Welcome to our “Location Spotlight” Series, where we’ll feature different climbing areas from across North America, with a combination of our own favorites, and a few favorites picked by you! 

We thought it would be fun to showcase our very own home State first - Welcome to Tennessee!

Area 1: Obed

Located in Eastern Tennessee, Obed tops our list of personal favorites in the state. Sport, trad and boulders occupy the area which features what some would call “bullet hard” sandstone. This year-round destination is home to a stellar collection of large, horizontal roofs, making it not only a wildly esthetic area to climb in, but also a good rainy day option to still find some sheltered, dry rock.* Imaging 20 - 30 feel of solid horizontal jug rails.

Add a dip in the creek and a stop by Lilly Pad for a snack and post-climb beer to make this the perfect summer season destination.

Must do

  • Spawn - 5.10. Maybe the best 5.10 in the area, in our opinion.
  • Best Seat in The House - 5.9

*Disclaimer - Please do NOT climb on wet sandstone! It is bad for the rock and can permanently deteriorate it, ruining amazing climbing opportunities.

Area 2: Sunset Park

This trad-only staple of the Chattanooga area is ideal for beating the summer heat if chasing the shade is the name of your game. Great quality sandstone offers some awesome opportunity to get your crack game on, and sample a little bit of everything all packed into one area. Be sure you take in the views of Chattanooga when you reach the top, but also be sure you mind the hikers and onlookers that share this busy trail.

Reward a hard (or chill) day out with a stop at Clumpie’s for ice cream.

Must do:

  • R.J. Gold - 5.9
  • Jefferson Airplane - 5.10a

Area 3: Stone Fort (Little Rock City)

Get your boulder on in one of the renowned Triple Crown Bouldering Series destinations. Known for being many new boulderers first stop outdoors, Stone Fort offers an abundance of climbing for every grade level. For the best experience, plan to climb between November and March, to beat the heat and humidity.

This area is located on private property, so be respectful of this, and be sure to sign your 1-time liability waiver, and pay your entry fee - $8.

Must do:

  • Fire Crack Flake - V1
  • Super Mario - V4

Have you been to any of these climbing locations? Have any of them now been added to your list? (it’s ok, we know you were checking out Mountain Project as you read this).

Where is your home climbing area? How about your favorite get-a-way location? DM or email us with your favorites for a chance to have them featured in future editions of “Location Spotlight”.

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