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These wooden holds combined with the Porta-Hang Door Hangers simulate a hangboard, but in fraction of the size. Use the door hangers to attach to your door frame, then train on these wooden holds. Each hold has 2 slots of different depths. The surface is sanded beechwood to give a challenging yet gentle feel to your hands. These holds are specifically designed to give you an edge for adventure sports, obstacle course racing, rock climbing, cross fit and any sport which relies on hand strength.

These wooden blocks feature 2 slots with different depths. Each pocket is 24x78mm with 15 and 20mm depths. Overall dimensions are 100x120x38mm, made from beechwood. 2 Blocks included, door hangers are sold separately.

💪 Portable Pull Up Training!  Combine with Porta-Hang System for portable fitness for grip strength and fitness for your apartment, hotel or dorm room. 

💪 Wood Pockets great for hands! Each beechwood pocket is 24x78mm with 15 and 20mm depth pockets.  Attach to the Porta-Hang system or climbing wall for versatile hand strength training. 

💪 TOP ATHLETES NEED GRIP STRENGTH: These are great for rock climbers, obstacle course athletes and athletes on the move!
Any athlete who needs upper body fitness needs these blocks!

💪 BEECHWOOD makes the best surface for your hands! Foam or metal pull-up bars can damage your skin.  Plastic is not realistic.  Wood surface is kind to skin while gives a realistic workout. 

💪 VERSATILE, USE ANYWHERE!  Combined with the Porta-Hang system, train anywhere.  No time for the gym, you can get in a pull-up set at home.  Retain that hard earned grip strength when your busy with work or finals!

2 Blocks included, add door hangars separately. 

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United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product
My favorite home training holds!

Definitely one of the best products available for home training! Skin friendly and has more aesthetic appeal!

Harmony C.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Wood holds don't wear out my skin.

I've worn out my skin on the hangboard at my house. Then I bought a portahang with the slots and love it. Less friction so I have to work a little harder, but easier on the skin (and my mani).