Rope Pull-up Set for Obstacle Course Racing and Grip Strength

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Porta-Hang's first Obstacle Course Inspired product - Rope Pull-up Set.  These specialized ropes with eye bolts fit into your Porta-Hang door hangers and provide a unique fitness experience.  Teaching you to both pull and grip at the same time, this new product will take your Spartan race fitness to the next level.  

Ropes are made from 100% natural cotton to be soft and easy on the hands but durable for a lifetime.  The rope is knotted at one end and free on the other so 100% of the grip is your hand's friction on the rope.  

Limited run before Christmas.  If OCR products take off, we'll have more in the spring!


- 2 Ropes

- 2 Eyebolts 

- 2 T-nuts (3/8")