Olympic Donuts - Hand Trainers - Set of 5

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Our training donuts, reimagined for the upcoming Summer Games!  Five rings in total, in matching Olympic colors.  Limited run, get them while you can.

💪 TOP ATHLETES NEED GRIP STRENGTH: These are great for rock climbers, obstacle course athletes and athletes on the move! All upper body strength relies on grip strength, build a solid foundation with Porta-Hang training donuts.

✊ NATURAL AND ORGANIC FEEL: Our special skin safe rubber compound builds more grip endurance and more natural power than spring or mechanical devices.

👍 MULTIFUNTIONAL: Donut strengthener trainers are ultra versatile and ultra portable. Each donut represents 1) Warm-up, 2-4) Strength Building and 5) Max Grip.

🚗 ULTRA PORTABLE. These are 3-1/2" in diameter and fit in your gym bag, purse, travel bag or pants. Build strength at your desk, in the car or on a zoom meeting!

😌 RECOVERY and THERAPY: Use as a climbing and fitness warm-up to prevent injury, to stay warm between sets, or as a cool down after a long day.

Developed specifically for climbers, adventure athletes, obstacle course racing, gymnast and athletes who rely on grip strength. The natural rubber compounds build better and longer lasting endurance than spring or mechanical devices. The natural feel also builds strength similar to hand grip strength for climbing walls, obstacles, and gym pull-up bars. Donut strengthener trainers are ultra versatile and ultra portable. The donuts measure 3-1/2" in diameter and will fit in any gym bag, backpack, purse or pocket. 

Contains 5 rings.