Holiday Hang Set with Wooden Holds

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Get ready for the Holidays with Porta-Hang's Holiday Hang Set.  Included in this are the best of what we offer, plus a bunch of bonus items! First you get the revolutionary Porta-Hang 2.0 door hangers.  For your workouts you'll have both sets of our popular wooden holds - Slots and Hugs.  Every climber needs some accessories to keep their hands strong and fit, so we've added both the Forbidden Donuts and the Squid for warm-up, cool down and strength building at your chair.  Lastly, to give you that little bit of extra grip we've included 2 bottles of our liquid chalk/hand sanitizer.  

This kit is priced right for the special climber in your life, get until supplies run out!  Bought separately this is a $125 of climbing gear discounted for the holidays for $99.99!

Items included: 

  • Porta-Hang 2.0 Door Hangers and Hardware (2)
  • Slots Wooden Holds (2)
  • Hugs Wooden Holds (2)
  • Forbidden Donuts (3)
  • Squid Hand Stretcher (1)
  • Liquid Chalk/Hand Sanitizer (2)
  • Carry Bag (1)