Holiday Hang Set with a BUNCH of CRAZY holds!!

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Get ready for the Holidays with Porta-Hang's Holiday Hang Set with our newest crazy holds!  Included in this set are 11 crazy holds, plus bonus items! First you get the revolutionary Porta-Hang 2.0 door hangers.  For your workouts you'll have our most popular holds, the Classic Pull-up set with some funky fun bonuses.  The all new Rocktober Leaves are 4 unique leaf shaped holds which give you all kinds of surfaces and edges to work on.  Then there is Holiday Dessert, 5 unique candy and food shaped holds that will test your appetite for the workout.  

Every climber needs some accessories to keep their hands strong and fit, so we've added both the Forbidden Donuts and the Squid for warm-up, cool down and strength building.  Lastly, to give you that little bit of extra grip we've included 2 bottles of our liquid chalk/hand sanitizer.  

This kit is priced right for the special climber in your life, get these until supplies run out!  If bought separately this is $149.93 of climbing gear for the low price of $129.99 shipping included.  

Items included: 

  • Porta-Hang 2.0 Door Hangers and Hardware (2)
  • Classic Pull-up Holds (2)
  • Roctober Leaves Holds (4)
  • Holiday Dessert Holds (5)
  • Forbidden Donuts (3)
  • Squid Hand Stretcher (1)
  • Liquid Chalk/Hand Sanitizer (2)
  • Carry Bag (1)

Ships starting Black Friday!!