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Porta-Board is a new way to use Porta-Hang.  Use 2 door hangers to create a continuous hangboard that temporarily mounts on your door frame.  The Porta-Board continues the theme of versatility by providing an easy and hard side just by flipping the board over.  Each side features different depths and angles for the ledges which gives you dozens of workouts! 

💪 Portable Pull Up Training!  Combine with Porta-Hang System for portable fitness for grip strength and fitness for your apartment, hotel or dorm room. 

💪 Wood Pockets are great for hands!  

💪 TOP ATHLETES NEED GRIP STRENGTH: These are great for rock climbers, obstacle course athletes and athletes on the move!
Any athlete who needs upper body fitness needs these blocks!

💪 Mahogany makes the best surface for your hands! Foam or metal pull-up bars can damage your skin.  Plastic is not realistic.  Wood surface is kind to skin while gives a realistic workout. 

💪 VERSATILE, USE ANYWHERE!  Combined with the Porta-Hang system, train anywhere.  No time for the gym, you can get in a pull-up set at home.  Retain that hard earned grip strength when your busy with work or finals!

1 board included, door hangars are not included. Standard door hanger hardware is sufficient.