Will Porta-Hang work on my door?

Porta-Hang on a standard door frame - the portable hang board rock climbing

I've gotten this question about Porta-Hang a lot.  It's a good question, one that I try to answer for everyone that asks.  I've tested Porta-Hangs all over the US, in many locations, hotels, people's homes and customers, so we know that it works most everywhere for most people.  And if it doesn't, that's OK, send it back and you'll be refunded.  

This blog post will be a living post, where I'll continue to add photos of door frames and whether its likely to work for Porta-Hang.  Check the fit guide on our website and remember the weight limit is 200 lbs.  

Lets start with the door frame in the post.  This is a standard builder grade door frame from 1996 with wooden trim around 2-1/2" nailed and caulked.  This was the starting point for Porta-Hang and how I started sizing and developing the product. So if your door frames look like these and are solid wood, you are in good shape. Here are some more examples of this same door frame. 



Here is a similar, slightly wider door frame. Still good!



Next look at this door frame.  This is a craftsman style wooden door frame about 3-1/2 tall and standard 4-1/2"  to 5" deep.



Here's a little bit tougher one.  If your door trim is really tall you may not have a perfect fit.  The Porta-Hang is flexible and will usually flex around some tall door frames.  Don't worry, it's designed for that.  Even if the Porta-hang is angled up slightly like the photo below, it will usually hold well.  Test this first and make sure its secure.  After some testing, if it feels secure, train away.  

Probably Good!


Not everything works as shown by this customer in France.  They had strange, highly styled door frames.  Theses don't work and the Porta-Hang should be returned. 

Not Good, please return!
Not Good, please return!
Here is another door frame and has a tricky attachment (also in France).  Sometimes shorter door trim is OK, especially if the door frame is full depth.  In this case the door trim is short and frame is narrow resulting in the Porta-Hang angling down.  The PH will usually stay, until you apply pressure, then will slip off.  This installation should be avoided.  
Not Good, please return!
Another place you may have questions is for traveling. Porta-Hang was specifically designed for traveling and fits almost all hotel door frames.  Most Hampton Inns, Holiday Inn and Marriott Hotels have metal door frames in the bathroom like shown below.  Porta-Hang works well.  
Another use sent me these photos from a hotel where the Porta-Hang worked very well.  Keep in mind these athletes are probably taller in the door frame and I'll let you guess which Division I college program they attended.  Porta-Hang worked well here too. Note the interesting attachment for different exercises.  Seems to work here also. 

I'll keep adding more to this article as I receive questions.  Thanks!
Got another good question from Porta-Hang customer Jared.  I think that he has the biggest trim I've ever seen.  Sometimes its just too big and there isn't anything you can do about it. 

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