Where in the World is Porta-Hang? 🌎

Where in the World is Porta-Hang? 🌎

It’s been quite the year #PortaGang!

We’re stoked to see so many folks training on the go with their Porta-Hang rigs. From Olympic Donuts flying around the world, to #VanLife training rigs popping up all across the country, Porta-Hang is on the move!

We saw the release of our new training hold line-up in the spring, introduced the first Porta-Hang athletes, began production on the Porta-Board, and launched Porta-Hang Canada! It’s been a pretty big year. 

But wait… there’s more!

So, what else could be new with Porta-Hang?

 It’s all come down to finding new ways to reach our customers. We’ve been busy bees working to develop several new partnerships to get more Porta-Hangs on more door frames.  



YY Vertical

Late in 2020, Alex Yang from YY Vertical reached out to Porta-Hang asking about our European distribution plans. And it turns out, he was wanting to get involved!

 If you’re a climber you probably know the cool belay glasses that saves our neck pain.  Alex invented those and his company now sells a bunch of other cool climbing gear.  Alex is based in France and in a couple months will be launching our product through the entire European Market!  Learn more about YY Vertical here. https://www.yyvertical.com/homepage



Liberty Mountain

Next, our sales manager made contact with David Mitch at Liberty Mountain, an outdoor gear distributor whose lineup you may be familiar with - including Grivel, Black Diamond, Clif Bar, and Maxim Ropes, to name a few. 

Liberty Mountain is one of the largest wholesale distributors of technical outdoor products and climbing gear in the U.S. In other words, Liberty Mountain is the one-stop-shop with everything for the outdoors for your outdoor gear store. Liberty has taken several cartons of Porta-Hang models at their Utah and Pennsylvania location.  Learn more about Liberty here. https://libertymountain.com/




For all of you Amazon-lifers, it happened! We are now on Amazon!  

You can get Porta-Hangs, wood blocks and donuts on our Amazon store.  We have inventory stocked at both Amazon US and Amazon Canada, so anyone ordering in Canada can avoid the tremendous taxes and fees from a single shipment.  Check our Amazon listings, {here}. If you're thinking about buying some Porta-Hang gear, shop with ease on Amazon and be sure to leave us a good review!

Door Hangers

Wood Blocks

Forbidden Donuts

Climbing Gyms carrying Porta-Hang

Big Island Climbing in Hilo, Hawaii.

Hyperspud Sports, Moscow, Idaho

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