What's New at Porta-Hang?

What's New at Porta-Hang?

Well #PortaGang, it was an exciting first half of the year! Now, July alone has been packed with it’s own tick list of fun.

We’ve seen huge growth in our community these past few months and we wanted to take a moment to bring all of you who joined us more recently up to speed on all of the excitement that’s been going on.

So, in no particular order of excitement level, here's what’s new at Porta-Hang!

Company Highlights

1. Porta-Hang Canada

Just this week you may have seen the news that we officially launched Porta-Hang Canada to better serve our customers to the north. It is with great pride that we move into this new era for Porta-Hang. We are excited to offer faster shipping times, lower shipping costs and to be eliminating duty fees for Canadian-based orders.

Do you have a Canadian climbing buddy who needs to know about Porta-Hang
Canada? Send them to www.portahang.ca!


2. Reduced Plastic

  • Earlier this spring we made a commitment to reducing waste by eliminating plastic from our packaging, and replacing it with paper. We also changed out carry bag materials to a cotton canvas from polyester. Shivani Goberdhan spoke on the impacts of plastic waste to Hawaii's ecosystems in our blog earlier this year, in "How Reducing Plastic Makes a big Impact Here and far".

    3. Big Island Climbing

    Porta-Hang gear is now available at Big Island Climbing “The only gym on the Big Island”, in Hilo, Hawaii. You’ll find a variety of Porta-Hang gear here, including; hanger sets, holds and training accessories.


    4. Moving Out of The Garage

    We’ve grown significantly over the last year and a half. So much so that we quickly outgrew our production facility and have expanded our hold line and training accessories lines. Read the full story in our recent blog post - “Moving Out Of The Garage”.


    5. Porta-Hang Ambassadors

  • We were very excited to welcome two athletes into the Porta-Hang family as our first ambassadors. Visit our “Our Athletes” page to meet Guy McNamee of Canada, and Maiza Lima from the USA.

  • 6. The Porta-Board

  • Chosen by you, our wondrous community - The Porta-Board will debut this Fall as our own spin on the classic hangboard, but designed to fit your door hangers to travel with you anywhere! Get a sneak-peek, here.


    Product Launches


  • 1. New Training Holds

  • Our new line of training holds debuted earlier this spring, bringing new variety and increased versatility to the Porta-Hang system. Be sure to check out our Training Videos & Demos page and our “Getting the most out of Your New Training Holds” blog post to learn how you can level up your training with the new lineup!

  • 2. Specialty Holds

  • When we launched our new core training holds line, we also released our new specialty hold line lineup, featuring; Love Jugs, Happy Fingers Pockets and the Clown Nose pinch. Perfect for augmenting your training and adding some spice to your held sets! Meet the new lineup, here.

    3. Training Accessory Bundle

  • We bundled our core training accessories together to offer the full lineup in a single kit (US release only). Offering our “Forbidden Donuts”, “Squid - Finger Strengthener”, chalk and brush in our new cotton canvas carry bag. See the full kit, here!

  • 4. Hugs & Slots: Wooden Holds

  • Our Hugs and Slots beechwood holds were a very exciting release for the whole Porta-Hang team. For those who like the feel and format of a wooden hangboard or campus board, the Hugs and Slots answered the call while maintaining a low-profile format that you can take on the go.


    Coming into the second half of the year things aren’t slowing down. We have big things brewing. With the debut of climbing in the Olympics, excitement levels are at an all time high, and we’ll have more rad news to share in the weeks to come.

    Happy #PortaTraining.

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