Welcome To The Porta-Hang Athlete Team, Guy!

Welcome To The Porta-Hang Athlete Team, Guy!

Canadian competitive National Team climber Guy McNamee on red holds during a bouldering competition.

Part of our mission at Porta-Hang from the start has been to support athletes and be a part of helping them train better. We've been hard at work developing our athlete sponsorship program, and we couldn't be happier to bring aboard Canadian competitive climber, Guy McNamee. 

We'll be working with Guy to bring you an inside look into the training of a Canadian National Team climber and his path through the pandemic. Guy is working towards being an Olympian and World Cup finalist, and we can't wait to be a part of his journey!

Check out Guy's Instagram, and keep following Porta-Hang on Instagram and Facebook for training tips, new products, and all kinds of great content!

Canadian competitive climber Guy McNamee during a bouldering competition.

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