New Product Announcement: New Training Holds!

New Product Announcement: New Training Holds!

Who’s ready for some new climbing holds for those door hangers?

Guys, it’s been a long time coming.  As most of you know we started making holds with Version 1 of the Porta-Hang at the beginning of 2020.  We had some basic holds, then added woody jugs and the Big Frickin’ Ball and others through 2020.  The time for the next generation of holds is now.  Working with our partner iPeak Climbing we’ve developed a whole series of multi-purpose holds.  Each hold has 2-4 different positions for different challenges and all are perfectly designed for Porta-Hang. Check them out. 

These will be available for pre-order starting May 3!

The New Line

New Porta-Hang Hold Set



Love Jugs - A heart-shaped double jug. Rotate for a sloping pinch.

Love Jug - New Porta-Hang Hold



New Training set:

2 of each of The Spinner, Tennessee Ledge and Chicken Head


The Spinner - New Porta-Hang Hold
The Spinner - A scooped crimp that can be rotated to be used as a side pull or sloper too!





Tennessee Ledge - New Porta-Hang Hold

Tennessee Ledge - A rock-solid, nice big ledge. You know, what we wish every micro-crimp and bad finish hold really was.



Chicken Head - New Porta-Hang Hold

 Chicken Head - Yup! You guessed it! A “chicken head” style mini jug.







Bonus challenges for the try hard senders: 


Happy Fingers - New Porta-Hang Hold

Happy Fingers - A shallow, slightly sloped pocket. 













The Clown - New Porta-Hang Hold

The Clown - Our Muppet-nosed, upside down pinch. Flip it over for a narrow chicken-head style jug.





There’s a little something for everyone in this set. Get your pre-order in for our new holds starting May 3 and get ready to mix it up!

Looking for different ways to train using your Porta-Hang rig? Be sure to check out our Training Videos for ideas and inspiration! Or share your own training photos and videos with us on Instagram with #PortaTrain.

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