1 year of Porta-Hang

1 year of Porta-Hang

Today marks one year of Porta-Hang. The concept and business started out of a need.  Prior to last year (prior to COVID) I traveled extensively with work to locations all over the US.  When you are staying in hotels week in and week out, it's hard to keep your fingers strong.  Putting a hangboard in my carry-on bag wasn't exactly an option, so I started looking for ways to at least hang or do some pull ups.  There was even a point I was hanging off the structural beams on the back of stair cases. 

But something I noticed, is that every hotel had a door frame that was about the same size and shape.  These were about the same size as the one at home, so I started trying all kinds of attachments.  I wanted something where I could pull up, and also attached different holds.  After many iterations, I landed on the familiar curved shape that we sell now.  

On January 21st, 2020, The Crag Nashville offered a local business night where we set up the first table and made our first sale.  I thought that we might sell a few hundred in 2020, but the word got out and we sold thousands.  In November and December we sold out of new model - PH 2.0.  

It was also a hard year for many people.  I am really happy that Porta-Hang made the year a little better for our customers.  After we started shipping products, I started receiving letters and messages from customers who were so happy they could get in a workout at home.  Many people loved that they could still connect with climbing even with their gym closed. 

And we continue to work to improve.  In 2021, we made investments in new products, overhauled our packaging and have added a trainer to our team.  We are doing this for you guys, our customers, because we want you to have a great experience with Porta-Hang.  

Check us out today.  We are running our anniversary sale of 15% off the entire store.  Use discount code ANNIVERSARY21 at the checkout. 





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